Carlton Covey

1st Lt. Carlton Covey

Carlton was born September 15, 1919, in Easton, Maryland.  A graduate of the University of Maryland, he was working for the town clerk of Easton when the war broke out.  Carlton earned his student pilot certificate in 1940. With his prior flying experience, he chose the Army Air Corps.

Reported to 5th Regiment Armory in Baltimore, MD on May 7, 1942 for destinations unknown.  After thirty-six hours on a train, he arrived at Maxwell Field, AL for pre-flight with Squadron G, Group 12.  During his pre-flight training, he found the time to marry Frances Marie Marshall.  Primary was completed at Helena Aero Tech in Helena AR.  For basic, it was back to Alabama at Gunther Field, Montgomery, AL.  Carlton graduated with Class 43B at Marianna, FL February 16, 1943.

Was a flight instructor until leaving for China in September 1944.

MIA/KIA China December 20, 1944 (MACR 10739)
Finding of Death December 21, 1945

Photos and biography submitted by Lynda Marshall, niece of Carlton Covey