This site is dedicated to the men of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. My grandfather, Earl J. Davis, was a pilot with the 118th. This website is a result of my research into his service. I inherited all of his items from WWII and knew very little about what he had done. In 2005, I started contacting members of the squadron and inquiring about my grandfather. From these contacts, I developed some wonderful friendships and a better understanding and appreciation of what the men endured.

Some of the men or their families have been kind enough to allow me to scan their pictures from the war. You can view these pictures by clicking on the photo link in the side bar. The name of the photo album includes the member's name that contributed the pictures. I will be adding more pictures and documents, so check back often.

I am always looking for more pictures of the 118th. If you have anything to share, please send me an email. I will also add a page if you have a picture and a biography.