Everson Pearsall

I was born and raised in Westfield, New Jersey, where my family has lived for over one hundred years. I enlisted in the Army on 24 June 1942 at Newark, New Jersey. I attended Aerial Gunnery School in Panama City, Florida. At Barksdale Field, I was top turrent gunner on a B-26. I graduated as a single engine pilot at Eagle Pass, Texas on October 1, 1943. Subsequently, I went to Fighter School in Sarasota, Florida and Tactical Reconnaissance School at Key Field, Mississippi.

I was sent to the CBI as a replacement pilot in April 1944 and was assigned to the 118th TRS, 23rd FG at Kweilin, China. I flew a number of different fields. After 81 missions, I finished my tour of duty in China as “A” flight leader.

My most memorable experience was when, returning from Hong Kong with engine trouble at low altitude in a P-51, I was jumped by an Oscar only 100 yards behind. I was a sitting duck, but he never touched me. After a long burst, he was shot down by another pilot in my flight.

I left the service in October 1945 and joined my father in real estate and insurance business in November 1945 and retired January 1, 1982.

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