David Houck

Major David Henry Houck

David Houck was born in Baltimore Maryland on December 26, 1914 to Harry E. and Nellie W. Houck. He enrolled at Johns Hopkins University in 1932 and graduated in 1935 with a Bachelors of Engineering. David entered the Army Engineering Corps in April 1941 as a lieutenant. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he requested and received a transfer to the Army Air Corps to train as a pilot. Preflight was at Maxwell, AL. He trained as a pursuit pilot at Craig Field, AL where he earned his wings and remained there for one and a half years as an instructor. It was here that he was promoted to captain. In April 1944 he received orders to India. In India, Capt. Houck was a member of General Haddon's staff where he served as chief of operations. It was here that he obtained the rank of major. In December 1944 he was sent to China to take command of the 118th TRS from Lt Col McComas.

Major Houck was shot down over Hong Kong in a raid taking place on 15 January 1945 (MACR 11635). He was captured and charged with indiscriminate bombing. Major Houck was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by a military tribunal. The trial took place on 5 April 1945, and pursuant to a sentence of death, he was executed by musketry on 6 April 1945 at Sheko Bay, Hong Kong.

Wayne Johnson has written a story about the trial. It can be viewed here.