Elmer Lee Chancellor

Flight School Graduation

Elmer Chancellor was born in Iowa 07 June 1919, the oldest of two sons and one daughter. He was a 1937 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School. Prior to enlisting, Elmer was a musician with the Leo Pieper Orchestra and performed across the midwest. He enlisted in September 1942 and trained at Randolph Field in San Antonio, TX, Waco Field in Waco, TX, and Moore Field in Mission, TX. He graduated with Class 44-B where he was in the 1st Fighter Squadron, I Flight.

He joined 118th while it was in Kweilin, China (21 Jun - 14 Sept 1944) and would fly many missions with the squadron. On 26 DEC 1944, eight P-51s took off for skip bombing of shipping at Anking. A/A was very heavy over the target area. Chancellor dropped his bombs and was seen pulling off his bomb run and heading south. He made no contact with the squadron and was not seen again. MIA/KIA MACR 10963, mission report no. 774.

Elmer's brother, James Maurice Chancellor, Seaman 1c was killed by Kamakazi attack onboard the USS Sandoval APA-194 18 May 1945.