Frank S. Palmer

Frank enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps on January 5, 1942 at Spokane, WA. He completed flight training at Mather Field, Sacramento, CA. His first assignment was to the 118th Observation Squadron (predecessor to the 118th TRS). Airplanes flown were the P-39, P-40, and P-43 during training at southeast U.S. bases.

Palmer transferred out of the 118th, but rejoined the squadron one year later in China. He served in P-40s and P-51s at Luichow, Chengkung, Suichuan, and Loahwangping until the war ended. He was shot down during a raid on Canton on January 15, 1945, (MACR 11636) while flying out of Suichuan. He was picked up by Chinese and brought out on foot, reporting to Kanchow ten days later (walkout story). After the war he left the service for four years but was recalled during the Korean War and stayed until retirement in 1966.

Frank was active in the 14th Air Force Association, serving as vice president of the Seattle convention, and was on the board for a number of years.