John H. Six

John was born in Maysville, OK, population 627, on 03 April 1919. He was the youngest of six children born to Tom, a farmer, and Effie. After high school, he worked for Santa Fe Railway as a telegraph operator in Ft. Worth, TX. He enlisted as an aviation cadet on 17 DEC 1941 at Moffett Field, CA and went through the Gulf Coast training pipeline and graduated in August 1942 at Brooks Field, TX.

It is believed that John joined the 118th in India in April or May 1944. His first mission with the 118th was on 15 JUL 1944. He flew fourteen more missions with his last being 27 AUG 1944. He then transferred to the 21st Photo Reconnaissance Squadron.

John was killed in a crash on 16 SEPT 1944.