Squadron Roster

This list is compiled from rosters, orders, and association membership lists. The number in the 'Source' column corresponds to the monthly unit history below.

1: Kweilin 21Jun-14Sept44

2: Liuchow 15Sept-07Nov44

3: Suichwan 12Nov44-22Jan45

4: Chengkung 22Jan-28Feb45

5: Chengkung March 1945

6: Laowangping April 1945

7: Laowangping & Chengkung May 1945

8: Laowangping June 1945

9: Laowangping July 1945

10: Final Roster dated 21 September 1945

11: 1981 Squadron Roster prepared for 14th Air Force Association

12: USS A. W. Greely manifest (118th members transferred to 16th FS at war's end)

13: USS Alderamin - Roster (HDD15-C) 75th FS Officers and Enlisted Men Dec 1945

ASN = Army Serial Number

SSN = Specification Serial Number also known as Military Occupational Speciality (MOS)

ASRS = Adjusted Service Rating Score (number of points earned to determine when you get to go home)