Historical Documents

The 118TRS During 117 Days of Combat (China 20 June 1944 - 14 October 1944)

A summation of combat operations for the squadron starting with their arrival in China to 14 Oct 1944. Basically a 1944 version of a Power Point presentation. Includes statics for amounts of fuel and ammo that were used, number of personnel, types of missions, losses of personnel and aircraft, and more.

Missing Air Crew Reports

This document was generated shortly after the loss of the aircraft and lists the crew roster, aircraft, and basic details of the loss including eye witness statements if they were available.

Mission Reports

After action report that shows the number of airplanes, mission, time of take off and landing, pilots, route and altitude, weather, ammo expended, casualties (own and enemy), enemy opposition, and an account of the mission.

Walk Out Stories

Personal narratives from downed pilots describing their return to base after being shot down.

Monthly Unit Histories

Monthly histories of the 118th TRS written by CAPT Robert C. Burke, S-2 Officer. Each file contains a narrative covering the indicated time period and a personnel roster. Later reports include résumé of missions, squadron orders, special orders, and photographs.

Orders, manifests, rosters, citations and more

Personal Documents

Flight Logs, Correspondence, Awards, Medals, and more

14th Air Force Association Articles

Articles from 14th Air Force Association publications