Charles McMillin

Charles L. "Mac" McMillin was born on Oct. 31, 1919 in Danville, IL. He enlisted in the Army Corps as Aviation Cadet in September 1941 and graduated from Advanced Flying School, Brooks Field, TX on April 29, 1942, Class 42-D.

He served in China as tactical reconnaissance pilot, fighter pilot and flight leader with the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group (95 combat missions) and was stationed at Kweilin (Ehrtong), Liuchow and Chengkung. He also flew missions from Lingling, Tanchuk and Chihkiang.

His most memorable experiences in China included first missions flown (with 75th Squadron at Lingling), B-24 escort missions flown from Chihkiang, and blowing a tire and collapsing the landing gear on a fully loaded P-40 taking off from Tanchuk.

Mac remained in the Air Force until October 1947, when he left to complete his college education. He was recalled to active duty in March 1951 and served until retirement in 1973. Post WWII service included tours in Germany, Taiwan, Okinawa and Vietnam.

He served the 14th Air Force Association as vice-president of membership (1981-1987), executive vice-president(1987-1989), president (1989- 1991) and editor of the jing bao Journal (1998-2007).