Henry R. Wilk

Henry enlisted in the Army Air Corps on February 2, 1942, and attended school on Allison engines at Buffalo, NY. He served as a mechanic on P-40 and P-51 fighter planes and was the crew chief for Major Marvin Lubner when he became commanding officer.

Etched in his memory is flying into Suichwan, escorted by the 118th planes (a comforting feeling), striking the Japanese by day and getting bombed at night. The evacuation of Liuchow on November 7, 1944, was another memorable event. Henry would write "This experience will remain with me forever, not forgetting 1st Lt Henry Miehe, who never made it. Miehe was my pilot. Killed at Liuchow."

In 1946, he started a landscaping and nursery business in Fairfield, CT and his son continued the business after Henry retired.