Oral History

This recording came about when Everson Pearsall and Bob Miller of the Westfield Historical Society talked, in a couple of meetings, about Everson speaking of his WWII flying experiences in China at a program called "The First Wednesday Luncheon." It is a luncheon that the Westfield Historical Society holds on the first Wednesday of every month in the Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, NJ. Everson had not only been a member of the club, but also its president at one time.

Everson, however, had become too weak physically to make the talk at the club, so the decision was made to record his talk at his home where he would be able to record sitting down and doing it at his leisure. It worked out very well, and the recording was played at the December 2, 2009 luncheon. His talk went over very well, and the only regret was that he wasn't able to give the talk in person.

4-01 Everson Pearsall.mp3